Kindergarten English Medium

Course Materials

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Principal Speech

Teachers song

ABC Song

Upper Nursery Number Rhyme

KG - II Peacock

Tulip Hall Pvt. School Morning Prayer

Tulip Hall Pvt. School Wild & Domestic Animals

Tulip Hall Pvt. School Verbs with action for UN

Tulip Hall Pvt. School KG- I Rhyme ; Bear & A Bunny

Nouns for kg2

LN Rhymes

Clap & Say 1 to 20

Bengali Poem for UN

Spoken English for UN

Bengali Poem

Plant a tree for KG- II


Nursery Rhymes

For Upper Nursery

Bengali Spellings for K.K - I

Hindi poem for K.G - I

"Toot the Engine" poem for K.G- II

L.N colour recognition

My Pet Dog for U.N

Back Counting 10 to 0 for K.G - I

"My Best Friend" for K.G- II

"Aloo Bhaloo" Hind rhymes for L.N

L.N Rhymes

U.N Number writing

English Dictation for K.G -I

One and Many for K.G -II

Magic Pen Activity

Paper Craft - How to make a Dog

Thirsty Crow

L.N - Number Recognition 1 to 5

Counting Objects for L.N

Rhyme- Chubby cheeks for U.N

U.N Explain the syllabus from Principal Mam

Smaller Bigger Number for K.G- II

1 to 50 Writing for K.G - I

Hindi writing for U.N

Lower Nursery Hindi

For L.N

Hindi writing for U.N

Bengali writing for U.N

Moral science for K.G- I

Hungry Mouse for K.G - II

Vegetables for L.N

Vikas Play & Learn for U.N

51 to 100 for K.G -I

Visit to NICCOPARK for K.G -II

A to M with Pictures for L.N

Bengali Rhymes for U.N

Hindi poem for U.N

Hindi for KG -I C

Hindi for KG -I C part 2

Bengali Spellings for K.G - I

Projapoti... for K.G- II

Hindi poem for K.G-II

Fruit recognition for L.N

Picture recognition for U.N

Happy Face for K.G - I

Hindi Rhyming for K.G- I

Ascending and Descending order for K.G- II

Parts of out body for L.N

Spoken English Part -2for UN

Hindi poem for U.N

English Spellings for K.G - I

Bengali Poem for K.G - II

Hindi poem for K.G-II

Additions for K.G-II

Additions video 2 for K.G-II

Apple Drawing for L.N

Drawing for K.G - II

Write in words video 1 for K.G- I

Drawing for U.N

Good morning

Problem sums for K.G - II

Story time

Are & craft for L.N

English grammar for K.G - I

Bigger & smaller number for K.G - II